Week 13 post/wrap-up

This semester and class was a truly unique experience. I learned a lot about Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality. The text in class were great and a great way to look at the different subject matters that we tackled in class. I really looked at the issues at hand and tried to apply them to what it means for me. I looked at each and every one of the topics and tried to see how each and every one adversely or in-adversely affected me in life. I loved the topics that we looked at concerning marginalization and how it affects the different communities. I talked about race and gender in the political realm, with my main focus being on the media coverage that we received. This was a big topic because it was such a groundbreaking race in every facet. I feel that the media only gives you one opinion a lot of times when it comes to politics. This is why we have two main stations on cable, which are CNN for liberal views and Fox News for the conservative view. This is something that I think that I could of elaborated a little more on, being that we only have two views in America when we are supposed to be the most diverse free country in the world. I think that the media does a bad job of portraying just the left of right point of view when we have so many other views that don’t get the attention. I understand that these are the two biggest parties and have been since forever, but we should get other opinions when it comes to media. Media shapes different views and opinions daily and this is perpetuated by these close-minded stations. I look at You tube for a lot of things because it gives me a opinion from someone who is real. We are always going to have racism, but we have to deal with it and advocate for change much like people did with this past election. I am extremely happy with the fact that we do have a minority President, but with that happiness comes sadness. I am sad, because I feel that this country is in such a bad state that not one man can fix it. I just think that the election is setting Mr.Obama up for failure. I hope that everything can be good, but we still have racism heavily prevalent wihin America, especially within the deep south. If we all come together and work together, then maybe we will become the country that we can be. Sarah Palin is a great women also, and broke a lot of barriers also for women. I think that whoever the best person for the job is should be the one to receive it. It shouldn’t matter what race,color,creed, gender, sexuality, etc… they are. This class has taught me a lot about some great subjects that we are affected with on a daily basis. I feel that we shouldn’t judge anybody by anything other than themselves. This class was truly a blast and I cant wait to share it with my peers.


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