Week 13 post/wrap-up

December 16, 2008

This semester and class was a truly unique experience. I learned a lot about Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality. The text in class were great and a great way to look at the different subject matters that we tackled in class. I really looked at the issues at hand and tried to apply them to what it means for me. I looked at each and every one of the topics and tried to see how each and every one adversely or in-adversely affected me in life. I loved the topics that we looked at concerning marginalization and how it affects the different communities. I talked about race and gender in the political realm, with my main focus being on the media coverage that we received. This was a big topic because it was such a groundbreaking race in every facet. I feel that the media only gives you one opinion a lot of times when it comes to politics. This is why we have two main stations on cable, which are CNN for liberal views and Fox News for the conservative view. This is something that I think that I could of elaborated a little more on, being that we only have two views in America when we are supposed to be the most diverse free country in the world. I think that the media does a bad job of portraying just the left of right point of view when we have so many other views that don’t get the attention. I understand that these are the two biggest parties and have been since forever, but we should get other opinions when it comes to media. Media shapes different views and opinions daily and this is perpetuated by these close-minded stations. I look at You tube for a lot of things because it gives me a opinion from someone who is real. We are always going to have racism, but we have to deal with it and advocate for change much like people did with this past election. I am extremely happy with the fact that we do have a minority President, but with that happiness comes sadness. I am sad, because I feel that this country is in such a bad state that not one man can fix it. I just think that the election is setting Mr.Obama up for failure. I hope that everything can be good, but we still have racism heavily prevalent wihin America, especially within the deep south. If we all come together and work together, then maybe we will become the country that we can be. Sarah Palin is a great women also, and broke a lot of barriers also for women. I think that whoever the best person for the job is should be the one to receive it. It shouldn’t matter what race,color,creed, gender, sexuality, etc… they are. This class has taught me a lot about some great subjects that we are affected with on a daily basis. I feel that we shouldn’t judge anybody by anything other than themselves. This class was truly a blast and I cant wait to share it with my peers.


Week 12 post

December 8, 2008

I wanted to talk about the flakthat president elect- Obama is recieving because of his cabinet choices. I had a feeling that he was going to be put under a microscope like no other. I think that whatever someone does, no matter what, people still will always judge you. It just so happens that Mr.Obama is the first African American President, so he will be scrutinized and dissected thourougly. I want to say that any Presaident would have a tough time getting America back to the fore-front because of the rut that the Bush administration left us in.  If Mrs. Clinton had of been the next President then it would of been the same for her too. This just showed me that the country is not ready for a minority President or a female in power. People are saying that Mr.Obama is too far centrist right because of his cabinet that he is assembling. I say that patience is the key to everything. Mr. Obama will not be able to fix the economy and everything else that is wrong with this country. We need to work with him and wit until the dust is settled before we make assumptions on how he is going to run this country. I think that it would be foolish if we rush tojudgement on Mr.Obama just by looking at who he is picking for his cabinet or what things he can’t fix right away. It took eight years to screw up our country and it won’t take a night to fix it. I’m saying be patient and have faith in the man that the country elected because I sure do!


Look at this article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20081208/pl_politico/16292

Week 10 Post

November 26, 2008

I wanted to show a video of some alleged Sarah Palin supporters who were shouting racist things while going into a Sarah Palin rally earlier in the presidential race. The things that they were shouting were outright racist and demeaning. The thing that got me was the fact that they didn’t care, they said it and said it proud. It really reminded me of the videos that I watched in class about how racism used to be in your face. From watching this video clip you will see that the presidential race brought back those same feelings towards Barack Obama. People were saying that Obama is going to have a cabinet full of Al Sharpton’s, Rev Wright’s, and Bill Ayers. This is obviously not the case as he is doing just what he said he would do if he was elected and that is getting a diverse cabinet that will help this country move closer. The thing that got me was the fact that they used a monkey withan Obama bumper sticker on its head to show what they thought of Mr. Obama. This is downright racism and lets e know that it is still very prevalent in society today. They called him names like “Obama Bin-Laden, Hussein Obama, etc…” this was riveting and a shame to see our country comeso far, but stoop so low. Most would think that racism isn’t in your face, when ultimately it is. This video shows you just that. The media actually did a decent job of showing this, when usually they don’t. I was shocked that these people were like this going into a rally. This opened my eyes and made me realize that hate and racist rhetoric is still being taught in some parts of America. These people look at his name and say that he is a terrorist and equate him to the level of a monkey. This is suspect and ridiculous to see and hear and see. I would expect this to be said or done in private, but for it to happen in public is whats really troubling to me. It goes to show you that our country may have elected a minority president, but isn’t far fro its racist past. I worry that this election is going to mask the racism that is prevalent in America and give people reason to believe that we have achieved change, when in all actuality we haven’t. In fact we are far from it. All you have to do is look at this video to see just how far we are from it!

Week 9 post

November 26, 2008

I wanted to touch on the issue of worldwide race relations and the rhetoric that comes with it. America did elect its first Minority President which has opened up discussions about race in other countries. I found a video on you-tube that’s titled, Letter to Obama:On Danish Racism. The post was very insightful as it talked about the Danish political party and how it uses racial rhetoric to shape views and opinions about Muslim or Arabic refugees that have taken refuge in that country. I looked at this and a couple of things came to my mind; I looked at how similar  their political party’s are compared to the ones over here. They are a parliament, but use the same rhetoric and racist propaganda to marginalize racial groups based on religion and hate. The people who made the site, said that they are uses anti- Semitic tactics much like the German’s did to the Jews. I really liked this post and could relate it to what America has been going through since forever. The post said, “The Danish peoples party is demonizing minorities with the same rhetoric.” It also said, “the political party still has been the most influential power consistently for the past decade and has been dictating policy on ethnic and religious minorities.” You can look at this and compare it to what minorities have been going through in this country. You see a lot of disenfranchised people because of an ulterior agenda by the people in power. This change that we have experienced in America is opening up Pandora’s box for other countries who have been notoriously racist to examine their selves. These people used the platform of terrorism to propose their beliefs and spread racist propaganda about ethnic or religious minorities in countries abroad. It is going to take an effort from all to help conquer this racism abroad, much like here. I think that we are moving in the right direction, but need to work on a lot of things. We have the audacity of hope, but need to have the audacity to enact change and change the racist views of people abroad as well as in America!

week 8 post

November 17, 2008

The article that I picked for this week came from the New York Times. It was titled, “Whose President is he anyways?”  and was written by Peter Baker. The article talked about the many factions and sides that President-elect Obama has to cater to.  People in the political realm are already brewing up speculation that Mr.Obama is going to go too far right or too far left and feel that he needs a centrist view in order to be successful in their eyes. I feel that this is going to be an inevitable task to handle because of the microscope that the media and pundits alike are going to put on Mr.Obama’s upcoming term.  Mr.Obama was elected by a landslide margin. This is the thing that could be his kryptonite because of the many different people that he has to appeal to. The article said that his first few steps are already getting scrutinized. The appointing of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff is one of the many decision making challenges that is being put under a microscope. Mr.Obama is going to have a hard time pleasing everyone and I don’t expect him to try to. I do hope that the media see’s the good that he can do and not the things that is out of his power or that he doesn’t have the political backing to do. Mr.Obama is in a precarious position because he does have to try and dig the America, and the world for that matter out of this economic rut. Mr. Obama has to bring home troops and put the U.S. back on top like it used to be. The thing that is going to be hard and the one thing that needs to be addressed is, can people see him as a bright man with character or can they see only the color of his skin and make predisposed judgements about him based on his skin color or can they make these judgements based on his merit and character? The media is going to do the dirty work and try expose that dirty work to the best of their ability. The thing that I challenge all to do is take that the media puts out there and question it, then make an educated decision on what you may think about Mr.Obama. I feel that he is only human and won’t be able to cure everything in this world, but he can make America better in many different ways. Anything is better than what we had the past eight years, which would be a change of pace for the better of America!

The article can be found here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/16/weekinreview/16baker.html?_r=1&ref=politics&oref=slogin

Week 7 post

November 3, 2008

The video clip that I’m writing about is from youtube. The clip isabout how Fox news uses smear tactics and shear lies when it comes to portraying Barack Obama in the media. Fox is known for the way that it uses one-sided tactics when it comes to reporting politics. The thing that gets me is the slogan, “Fair and Balanced news”.  The only thing that is fair and balanced is the type of lies that your going to hear when it comes to reporting facts. This election is groundbreaking in all phases, to have a minority, rather an African American for that matteris groundbreaking in itself. Fox uses racist jargon and racial ties that arent true to spread propaganda about Mr.Obama. This to me has to stop, I think that this should be looked at. I know we have free speech laws that protect speech, but when is enough enough? I feel that there should be a line drawn somewhere as to how much propaganda can be put out there. I understand that politics brings out the dirty side of people, but you dont see a station like CNN which caters to democrats use these type of tactics to talk about Mr.Obama’s rival Sen.McCain. The video showed things like how Fox said that Mr.Obama went to a muslim school when he was younger, this obviously was a lie. The thing that gets me is the way that Fox uses attack politics to spread and agenda and ideology. I feel that Fox should leave attack politics to a political campaign. Fox is not in the right when it comes to these type of attacks aimed at Mr.Obama. Fox says that the only reason that Mr.Obama is a big deal is because he is black. This shouldnt be the case, he should be considered a big deal because of his merit and hard work, not his race. Fox is a disgrace and should be looked at more closely, I dont understand how this type of nonsense can continue to be acceptable in U.S. media outlets like Fox. I want to get into the news bussiness, but I want to report news the right way, because what Fox is doing is clearly the wrong way!

Video clip:

Week six blog

October 28, 2008

The blog or website that I look at that is similar to my issue is two of them. The first one is www.fair.org, and the second is www.aim.org. Both of these blog sites are different because one is for the conservative point of view while the other is the liberal point of view. I like to look at both sides when researching my issue. It is obvious though with that said how lopsided the coverage is when it comes to coverage of this years election. The blog that is the  most like my blog is the www.fair.org this blog is catered to the way that the media portrays Barack Obama or any minority entity in the media for that matter. It tells the people the other side and gives people a voice who normally dont have one in mainstream media practices.  FAIR, is a national media watch group, it has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. The thing I like about FAIR is that it works to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. The thing that helps is that as an anti-censorship organization, FAIR exposes neglected news stories and defend working journalists when they are muzzled. They talk about every issue on their blog, I really like the one that talks about the discrepency that Mr.Obama recieves in the media because he is so popular. The blog talks about how the media is so enamored with Mr. Obama and some say that because of this, the madia portrays this as the reason that he is so popular. I hate when I hear things like this because it doesn’t speak of his merit and hard work to get to where he is today. The type of hurdles that he had to jump to even get into the position that he is today is monumental none the less. I always ask why don’t the media report on that or what obstacles it takes to be a black man in politics. I guess we wont ever get that in today’s media, it will take a journlist with the same merit and aura as Mr.Obama to enact change!

Free Blog

October 7, 2008

I was watching the vice presidential debates recently and seeing how the candidates matched up against each other. I also was looking at what key issues are they for that will affect me in the future This is a groundbreaking year for both African Americans and Women within politics. I was looking at Barack Obama and reading some stuff in the papers and came across a story in the Seattle Times”This is who I am: Defining mixed-race identity” that was talking about what its like to be labeled as bi-racial or Multiracial. The thing that intrigued me the most about this was the way that the media lumps all people in one category or the other and not seeing them as just a person rather than by their skin color or the color of their eyes. This sort of color-blind racism is rampant in the media today and is something that I think should be corrected. Anyways, back to the story,the story talked about what its like for a bi-racial person walk through this black and white world without an identity, it also asked how do they cope with the feeling of not belonging to a certain ethnic group or race. The story went into great depth in interviewing different people who experienced this sort of pressure in life and what it felt like. I really wanted to look at this and ask, do you think that Barack Obama identifies with one ethnicity or all the ethnicity’s that he is. I can look at Tiger Woods and his remarks saying ” I dont consider myself to be black” This statement sent shockwaves through the black community and especially me. I then looked at what sport he plays and see why he said this. I see people as people, not what skin color they are or what color eyes they have. I think that once the media does this then we will be better off as a nation. Believe it or not, things of this sort are the type of things that can shape a persons view and ultimately sway them to believe things in a dilluted way. The media has a great way of doing this!

Sources: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008210083_biracial280.html

Blog for week 2: My thoughts

September 29, 2008

The political ramifications that we are experiencing are groundbreaking in every aspect, especially for minorities. Sen. Obama is being put under a microscope like no other. The debates were good and very informative for people to see which way our next president is heading in and what type of changes or decisions we should expect from him. This also is a way for me to analyze how much of a discrepency their seems to be when it comes to covering one candidate from the other in the media.  I have seen and taken from this race is the way that the media depicts or frames stories around Sen. Obama. Often you see something negative when the media covers Obama (such as his ex-pastor, or beliefs that he has Muslim ties). This is often seen on conservative channels such as Fox in my opinion, but not limited to just them so it is expected. I expect low blows to be put out there becuase after all it is politics. I hate when the valididty of this man is put out there  with it though, as if he is not a capabale candidate. Most people say that its because of lack of expreience, but I say that its because of the color of his skin and not the content of his character. He obviously has experience because he was a damn good senator, and made very drastic changes while being one. Just becuase McCain was in a war the media tends to portray him as the savior. If you look at the current administration, you will see daunting similarities. I just feel that the media should play it fair and report the truth, often I think they don’t, especially when it comes to giving Sen. Obama a fair look within the contexts of the media. These are just some thoughts, I will touch more on this issue in my free blog weeks to come. Until next time…

Free blog week 5

October 20, 2008

I was lookin online recently and came across the video interview that said that Colin Powell was going to endorse presidential nominee Barack Obama and not the republican nominee John McCain. This was a major step for the democratic party on two levels. One is that its a republican endorsing a democrat, secondly Mr. powell is a big figure within the minority community endorsing another major minority figure that is running for president which is enormous for the democratic party. This was a monumental acheivement for the Obama campaign because it showed the effect that he has on people from all walks of life. The thing that got me about this interview was the question that Tom Brokaw asked Mr.Powell about his endorsing of Mr.Obama being race related. This really pissed me off, becuase no matter what you do in life it always seems that race comes into play. Here is a man that has done some amazing things with his life, he most likely had to work ten times harder than his counterparts, but still is questioned on why he chose to do something. Mr. Powell didn’t do what the mainstream expected him to do and now he is being called a traitor or considered a man that picks things based on race rather than experience. The thing that I admired about how Mr.Powell answered the question was what he said his reason was as to why he was endorsing Mr.Obama. Powell said that Mr.Obama was the better man for the job, not becuase of his race but because of the way that he has ran his campaign. Mr.Powell feels that Mr.Obama would be a better president than Mr.McCain. The notion of Mr.Powell even thinking of voting based just solely on race is obscene. The thing that I would bring to the table would be, don’t whites do this all the time? The fact of the matter is that whites are seen as the majority, so when they do this it is in a subtle ways and not in your face. It is looked at more closely when a minority is on the main stage, their every step is analyzed and disected by the media. This has to stop, and Mr.Powell’s endorsment of Mr.Obama hopefully will help to put a cease on this! 


Look at the ending of this clip to see what this blog was based on….